Laid To Rest – An interview With Derek Landy

Courtesy of my wonderful university and my digital  journalism module, you are ALL being treated to another two (three if you’re good) original Laura Talks Books posts.

You lucky devils.

So, you all know the story of how Derek Landy got started. For ten long, gruelling years he worked on the family farm dreaming of becoming a writer…

Photojournalism 1

It wasn’t until he was staying in a hotel in London in 2005 that he got his idea for Skulduggery Pleasant and started writing it…

Photojournalism 2

Nine years on from that night, he has published nine Skulduggery novels, a Skulduggery spin-off, a Skulduggery World Book Day novelette and a book of Skulduggery short stories…

Photojournalism 3

Ever since the first book was published in 2007 his life has changed dramatically. Derek has swapped the farmer’s life for the life of an avid movie prop collector…

Photojournalism 5

And he owes it all to Skulduggery Pleasant…!!

Photojournalism 4

And now here comes the interesting bit! Here is my two minute audio interview with the Golden God himself, talking all about Skulduggery and the end of an era…

Make sure you stay tuned -over the next day or two I’ll be putting up a worldwide exclusive video interview with Derek himself as he talks about his new, upcoming trilogy…

Demon Road.


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